Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7

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  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #7
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Ronin European Long Sword #7


Steel: Through hardened 1075 spring steel

Weight: 3 pounds 7 oz

Total Length: 47 inches

Blade: 36 inches

Width: 1.5 inches

Handle: 7.1inches (not including pommel)


Includes free sheath.

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9 Reviews

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    Medieval Longsword #7

    Posted by Dalton Weber on Aug 14th 2019

    Especially for the price, this piece is exceptional. Even for a practitioner of over a decade, this model cuts quite cleanly and sings beautifully while doing so. Better yet, it's surprisingly easy to clean for how acute of a polish it has.

    My only critique is that the tip bent from a minimal force, accidental graze with stoneless ground, though it's easily repaired. Regardless of its need for a tougher tip, the quality for the price range can't be beat.

  • 5
    FROM THE SCRATCH & DENT SALE: The regal and fearsome looking Two Handed Long Sword, aka the "Euro #7": Wow! The blade is so mean looking and yet, at the same time, the whole sword & scabbard package appear dignified and regal. This is surely a weapon

    Posted by SCOTT H MILLER on Feb 26th 2019

    The blade is so mean looking and yet, at the same time, the whole sword & scabbard package appear dignified and regal. This is surely a weapon of worthy of a great battle . . . This was a "Scratch & Dent" item, although I'm not exactly sure where any scratches are dents were to be found. I'd ordered this on the heels of a Euro #9 - which I obtained at full price. Just like my #9, this #7 came with a very nice wood/leather scabbard. The point was sharp - however, my only complaint about this Scratch & Dent Euro #7 is that it didn't arrive as sharp as my #9 did - and I'm guessing that was why the sword was sold as S&D. Just like the #9, the #7 is peened at a rather stylish pommel. This sword is upgradeable and begs for customization. It would make an excellent medieval faire sword, a HEMA tool, a backyard cutting exercise sword . . . or . . . war sword! This sword is deceptively light, nimble, and quick! The sword -- and keep in mind it was sold as a Scratch & Dent -- is for sure a keeper and has done well in my backyard against legions of cardboard boxes and milk cartons. Warning: Unless you really know what you're doing, I would not recommend trying to sharpen it yourself -- as I did. The blade was previously polished to a mirror shine. Now it sparkles from all the scratches on the blade from my novice sharpening endeavors -- but the blade does look cool . . . sort of the way a war sword ought to look!

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    Amazing sword for the price!

    Posted by John Griffiths on Nov 18th 2018

    Close to a katana for cutting, very impressive in all regards. You can check out our cutting trials here:

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    Excellent Blade

    Posted by Michael Sharkey on Sep 27th 2018

    After much research, and observation of many destructive tests on YouTube, I received this sword today. I am incredibly pleased. Nothing fancy or artisanal, but a very well crafted sword. Blade is fairly stiff. Feels light in the hand, and produces a good tachikaze, even without a fuller. Well balanced and easy to use. At the price, this is a home run. I will pick up the Kriegsmesser soon. There was a place in the market for an entry level craftsman longsword. This weapon fills it nicely. Well done Ronin Katana.

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    Great sword

    Posted by Pierre on Aug 29th 2018

    After much research I bought this , my first sword. Unfortunately the pommel end suffered some scuffing from rough freight handling but all else seemed intact.
    The sword hilt fits better in the pommel one way than the other being more "gappy". The hilt has some cosmetic marks in it but otherwise the sword feels well put together. The tip grind is slightly off the center line which is annoying but barely noticeable .
    The pommel/belt leather is very thin and practically useless .
    Sword handles and feels good in the hand, and cuts well even if not as sharp as expected. Sliced satisfyingly through some water filled plastic bottles.

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    Great Sword For The Price

    Posted by Dom on May 2nd 2018

    I bought this sword after doing some research and watching you tube videos. It came in and its a solid piece. Only reason I did not give it 5 starts is because it came in with zero sharpness. It was literally so dull you could run your hand up and down the blade. I fixed that! Now its ready to cut things up. Other then that this piece feels great in the hand no rattles or anything at all. Good balanced blade!

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    Best Sword for the Price Bar None!

    Posted by Steven Winnett on Apr 22nd 2017

    This one is a home run. Solidly built, great balance, good geometry, zero bevel and tight tolerances. There are swords out there costing way more that offer way less. Great job Team Ronin! Can't wait to see more swords appearing in your Euro line up. How about an Elite Euro catalogue?

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    Posted by JW on Mar 3rd 2017

    I don't usually write reviews for products like this, but I gotta say I'm impressed. Well made sword that feels alive in the hand and looks authentic and durable. I haven't put it through its paces yet but I expect it to hold up nicely. Edge slices paper effortlessly. Great value for price will buy more from this line in the future!

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    Excellent Craftsmanship

    Posted by Alastair on Jun 2nd 2016

    I purchased this sword as a gift for my brother. Since it was for a gift I wanted a sword that would be of excellent quality without the potential problems of a lower end sword such as a loose hilt or the blade rattling in the scabbard. I chose Ronin Katana after a lot research and comparison. I can easily say the quality of the sword exceeded my expectations in every way.

    I was extremely impressed by the workmanship all around. The hilt is very solid and comfortable in the hand. The pommel looks great and gives a good balance to the sword. The binding on the handle is also really well done and seems like it will last. The blade came sharpened and was more than up for the cutting test we put it through. The sword fits very snuggly and securely in the scabbard.

    The cost of the sword is really competitive for the quality and the international shipping costs were far lower than anyone else was offering.

    Only issue is the sword belt which is set up for someone left handed. Thought this was a bit strange and that the factory default would be for someone right handed.

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