Annual Scratch and Dent Sale

Annual Scratch and Dent Sale

Ronin Katana's annual scratch and dent sale will starting February 5th at 12pm central. There will be 400+ swords in the sale this year.

Due to the size of the sale, all swords have been boxed up and are ready to ship. Ronin does not provide pictures or descriptions of individual swords for sale as the sale is far too large. Expect dings, dents, rust, and small chips. All swords have been priced accordingly.

All swords in the sale are usable for light cutting. There are no swords to our knowledge with fatal flaws that would make them unusable.  Anything with severe issues has been removed from inventory and destroyed.

There are a lot of elites in the sale, however this will be the last year with such a supply, as Ronin no longer intends to stock 100+ different elites at a time.

Ronin has recently moved and we still have a few boxes to go through. We will be adding new items right up until sale time.


All swords in the sale are suitable for light target cutting (water bottles, pool noodles, etc). Expect scratches, dents, dings, chips, etc.