About Ronin Katana and How we Forge Our Swords

Ronin katana was founded in 2005 and has grown into one of the worlds largest sword brands with over 100 unique models of katana and medieval swords. Our dojo pro line of samurai swords are based on actual Japanese antiques featuring over 30 designs by sword designer Chris Scoggin.

All of our samurai swords and medieval swords are forged by hand with high carbon steel blades. We specialize in Japanese katana for use in a dojo or backyard setting, entry level samurai swords, complex laminated samurai swords historically made by the Japanese, Chinese dao and Jian, medieval swords, Japanese tanto, wakizasi, and swords forged from meteorites.

We forge our swords with 1095 high carbon steel, 1075 high carbon steel, 1060 high carbon steel, 1045 high carbon steel, and with meteorite iron.

Ronin Katana is the world leader in complex laminated samurai swords and swords forged from meteorites. No one has designed and sold more laminated katana than Ronin.

All our samurai swords, Chinese swords, and medieval swords are deigned by Ronin. We do not re-sell for other companies. Everything we offer is built to our specifications.

We ship all of our swords from our 4,000 square foot warehouse in the United States. We only offer for sale what we have in stock and ready to ship immediately. We never offer pre-sale items that have not yet been forged.

Ronin Katana ships Monday-Friday.