Medieval Swords $250 and up

Medieval Swords $250 and up

A large selection of hand forged medieval swords, dark age swords, and viking swords for sale.

Longswords starting at $250

Arming Swords starting at $250

Viking Swords starting at $250

All swords in the Medieval sword line are peened for safety and forged from 1075 spring steel. Ronin has tested this line extensively and published the results on our Youtube channel.

 HEMA - All the medieval swords for sale come sharpened and should not be used for sparring. They are appropriate for HEMA cutting practices vs mats and are peened for safety. Since they are peened they can not be taken apart.


The medieval swords in this collection are considered suitable for active cutting and are battle ready. You must be 18 years old, or have your parents permission to purchase.