Dojo Pro Katana Model #33 ko katana

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  • Ronin Katana tactical wakizashi - ko-katana
  • Ronin Katana tactical wakizashi - ko-katana
  • Ronin Katana tactical wakizashi - ko-katana
  • Ronin Katana tactical wakizashi - ko-katana
  • Ronin Katana tactical wakizashi - ko-katana
  • Ronin Katana tactical wakizashi - ko-katana
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Dojo-Pro #33 Ko-Katana


With over 30 katana models for sale, Ronin's dojo pro line of samurai swords is the largest Japanese sword line in the world. Each unique tsuba is based on an actual antique Japanese katana. The pro line is extensively tested yearly, with testing videos published on you tube having received nearly 5 million views. Ronin has destroyed over $10,000 in swords to help educate the public in what our swords can, and can not do. Ronin strives to produce a safe and reliable workhorse sword that is welcome in dojos around the world. Ronin is a global brand with retailers based in the United States, Europe, and Japan.


Steel: Through hardened 1060
Saya: Hand cut and polished buffalo horn Kurikata, Koguchi and Kojiri
Weight: 2.1 pounds
POB: 2 1/2 - 3 inches
Length in saya: 31.5 inches
Tsuka: 8.5 inches
Blade: 18.5 inches
Habaki to tip: 19.5 inches
Ito: Silk
Sageo: Synthetic silk
Fuchi: Blackened iron
Kashira: Blackened iron
Menuki: Brass

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4 Reviews

  • 4

    Short katana

    Posted by Brodie on Dec 8th 2022

    I got this as a Black Friday deal. This would not be my first choice but for the price I couldn’t resist. This thing is very solid and works amazing for cutting. Keep in mind that this is a very short katana some call it Chisa or something. My only complaints is that the blade itself came ever so slightly bent in the tang making the handle just a tad crooked. The diamonds on the Handle are very sporadic and the ito is loose. Overall I’m satisfied as his was $125.

  • 5

    #33 dojo pro

    Posted by Richard w on Dec 5th 2022

    This is my 4th purchase from this company. Not once have I been disappointed. Great customer service. Fast delivery. Exceptional product for the price. Exceeding my expectations.

  • 4

    It Can CUT !!

    Posted by Chris P. on Dec 4th 2022

    Works nice, a very handy tool! Good blade, saya was loose, we can fix, very clean edge on whole blade, sharp !

  • 4

    Ko Katana (Chisa) Shinobi no Mono length

    Posted by Bernard Morrissey on Aug 26th 2022

    For the price it is a well-made practical tool. First testing was with pool noodles bundled into five stacks wrapped in moist newspaper performed well. Second test was with simulated tatami single and double Tame Shigeri drills with beach mats. At this point after the rigors of a two-hour cutting practice the blade was inspected, cleaned with traditional powder and rice paper/and shoji oil. This weekend will be the real test as with traditional do dan and tatami. As of now the blade held up well as far as I am concerned it is a descent work horse for medium and continual practice. The fittings were tight and proper, blade remained consistent with no bends or chips meaning it is indeed through hardened which is slightly different than differential harden process. Even without a Hamon and clay process it is a no-nonsense workhorse for your workouts. For the price well-made and strong for execution of cutting exercises

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