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Dojo Pro Katana Model #34 Samurai Sword 29 Inch Blade

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  • Musashi samurai sword
  • Musashi katana
  • Musashi samurai sword
  • Musashi katana
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  • Katana blade


Dojo-Pro Katana Model #34 Musashi Theme - 29 inch blade - No Groove


With over 30 katana models for sale, Ronin's dojo pro line of samurai swords is the largest Japanese sword line in the world. Each unique tsuba is based on an actual antique Japanese katana.

This is the no bo hi (no groove) version of the #12 for those that want a more robust blade.

 Steel: Through hardened 1060 steel samurai sword
Saya: Hand cut and polished buffalo horn Kurikata, Koguchi and Kojiri.
Weight: 2.8 pounds
POB: 4 1/2- 5 inches
Length in saya: 42 inches
Tsuka: 11 inches
Blade: 29 inches
Habaki to tip: 29 inches
Ito: Silk
Sageo: Synthetic silk
Fuchi: Backened iron
Kashira: Blackened iron
Menuki: Brass


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