Hanzo Steel #3 Black Out Ninja Assassian Sword

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  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword
  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword
  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword
  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword
  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword
  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword
  • Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword


Inspired by the famous Japanese samurai sword master, Hatori Hanzo, the Hanzo Steel katana have been forged from differentially hardened 1060 steel, and have a real hamon. These blades have a titanium coating, and come with a back wearable leather wrapped sheath. Ready for cutting right out of the box, these swords will allow you to channel your inner Ninja, Zombie fighter, or Deadpool.


The Hanzo Steel Black Out Ninja Assassian Bujinkan katana:


Steel - Differentially hardened 1060 with real hamon and titanium coating

Fittings - Blackout square tsuba

Sheath - Leather wrapped with back strap

Blade length - Agressive 26 inch blade designed for indoor and close quarters urban use.

Handle - 15.5 inch black on black cotton wrapped for maxium leverage

Total length - 42 inches

Weight 2.10 pounds


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3 Reviews

  • 5
    A true war peice

    Posted by Matthew DUNN on Jan 13th 2021

    Solid, sharp, truly battle ready. Looks great too!

  • 4
    Good Katana, Bad Scabbard

    Posted by Korban on Jun 11th 2016

    On paper this is a very good sword: titanium coated so it won't rust, 26 inches for close quarters, and differentially hardened for durability. However the square shaped hand guard is a bit pointy and hurts when wearing this on the back or belt. I should've chosen the Kill Bill one. I really don't like the scabbard though. It's cheaply wrapped and the back strap ripped within 5 minutes of wearing it. The scabbard is also coated with wax on the inside which prevents the blade from getting dull but since the blade is black, it really shows up on it. Overall the sword itself is a great sword and I would buy again. It just needs a better scabbard which isn't a huge deal.

  • 4
    room to improve

    Posted by Jason on Feb 2nd 2016

    Just got my sword yesterday and was overall impressed. Good strong blade. Good edge. Great balance between blade and grip weight. Makes for great handling. Blade length is perfect for close quarter combat. Nice tight cotton wrap on handle. All fittings are snug and secure. My only real disappointment with this sword is the use of fake leather as opposed to real. The pleather used on the sheath fittings and shoulder strap could never hold up to any real use. It's weak a d easily broken. For a sword with a $10 difference to a dojo pro I expected better.

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