Hanzo Steel Ninja Bujinkan Katana

As a kid I was fascinated with all things Ninja. I dreamed about having the skills and weapons they carried. Sadly, my reality was shoddy ninja suits from flea markets, and cheap stainless steel ninja swords that had no resemblance to what historical Japanese Ninja actually used. Flash forward to the present day, and rainy Saturday afternoon, when Enter the Ninja happened to come on TV. I watched it, pined for a little slice of my childhood, and decided to design the sword I always wanted. One of the perks of owning a sword company.

Historically, real Japanese assassins trained in ninjutsu used shorter blades in longer sheaths to get the draw on their opponents. That extra half second had them already moving to strike before their opponent to get his sword out. Speed and stealth are the hallmarks of a real assassin. If you get caught, you die. If you get into a protracted fight, you die. 

Today, swords are only carried into battle in movies and comic books. Deadpool is probably as close as it comes to a modern Ninja in pop-culture. Deadpool famously wears two Bujinkan inspired swords on his back, and he uses them with deadly efficiency. However Deadpool doesn't have to worry about the physics involved in getting his swords out of the sheath. That's where shorter blades come in. 24-26 inches is the sweet spot for back worn blades. Anything longer, and good luck getting it drawn from a back mounted position. Back mounted carry for longer swords is a fantastic idea, but you need time to get it drawn, unless you have a shorter blade.

When I designed my version of the ninja sword, I wanted a long handle for leverage, and a shorter blade for tight tactical situations. Try swinging a full size katana inside, and you'll quickly find you've cut a hole in your ceiling, or cut down your ceiling fan. A tactical sword come into play when you need don't want be in grapple range, but you are confined to tight space. Shorter is faster. Shorter is maneuverable. So we should all rush out and buy $1,000 military grade cutters right? Let's face it, the Apocalypse is probably not right around the corner. So while it's great to be prepared, it's more fun to actually have fun. Enter the Ninja... Well, Hanzo Steel Ninja sword that is. 26 inch titanium coated blade. 15.5 inch handle. Leather wrapped back  worn sheath.

Hanzo Steel Ninja Sword

Jan 24th 2016 Chris Scoggin for Ronin Katana

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