Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #11

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  • Ronin Katana clay tempered samurai sword model #11
  • Ronin Katana clay tempered samurai sword model #11
  • Ronin Katana clay tempered samurai sword model #11
  • Ronin Katana clay tempered samurai sword model #11
  • Ronin Katana clay tempered samurai sword model #11
  • Ronin Katana clay tempered samurai sword model #11


Ronin Katana Hand Forged Samurai Sword With Clayed Hamon Model#11

Steel: Differentially hardened 1045 steel katana blade

Saya: Lacquered wood

Weight: 2.2 pounds

POB: 3 1/2- 4 inches

Length in saya: 42 inches

Tsuka: 11 inches with real ray skin and double pins

Blade: 28 inches

Habaki to tip: 27 inches

Ito: Cotton

Sageo: Cotton

Tsuba, fuchi, kashira, & menuki: Zinc alloy

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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Chris on Jun 21st 2021

    This katana is absolutely amazing for an entry level katana. Im excited to see and feel the quality of my next katana. I will definitely be buying more in the future

  • 5
    Rk in general, and understanding reviews

    Posted by Tom D on Apr 17th 2021

    This katana is fantastic for test cutting. Very well made, and a pretty good pob. I mainly study HEMA, and I have the rk euro 7 too. I have to say that all the greenhorn noobs who give RK 4 star reviews or less, are pretty stupid and should be overlooked because they have no idea what they're talking about. Anyone who starts a review by saying "this is my first sword" or "I'm new to buying swords" - ignore their review because pretty much everything that follows is ignorant garbage with stupid gripes since they have no experience.

  • 5
    Nice katana.

    Posted by Mike on Oct 1st 2020

    I have to say that I am very much pleased with this #11 katana. The fit and finish is very nice and well worth the price and will exceed your expectations for a entry level katana. It came nicely sharp and the hamon is really nice and visible which makes you want to show it off. You can't go wrong with this or any of the offerings that Ronin katana offers. I will be purchasing yet another in the future.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 1st 2020

    For the price, and the price point this katana is in, this gets 5 stars, at least the particular one I received. The fit is great, no loose tsuka as of yet, not too much rattle in the saya, The ito wrap is pretty tight and the diamond patterns are very consistent. The katana is very light and feels almost like a toy, due to its lightness, but it definitely is not. As a starter katana to learn kenjutsu, this katana is a great value. Ronin Katana, please bring back the hammer forged katanas.

  • 5
    Katana 11

    Posted by Thor on Oct 22nd 2018

    Great quality and sharp. No wobble , no play. Very nice for the price. If you want a katana to cut with, this is a great start.

  • 5
    best beginner blade

    Posted by jon on Oct 13th 2016

    Best beginner katana I've had.nice visibility hamon and it comes razer sharp.the kissaki has an even polish too.ito does not lose its color with use.

  • 5
    Great Sword

    Posted by Rodrigo on Jul 7th 2015

    Great Sword, sharpened and the hamon looks excellent

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