Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14

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  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14
  • Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model #14


Entry Ronin Katana Level Clay Tempered Samurai Sword with Real Hamon Model #14

Steel: Differentially hardened 1045 katana blade

Saya: Lacquered wood

Weight: 2.2 pounds

POB: 3 1/2- 4 inches

Length in saya: 42 inches

Tsuka: 11 inches with real ray skin and double pins

Blade: 28 inches

Habaki to tip: 27 inches

Ito: Cotton

Sageo: Cotton

Tsuba, fuchi, kashira, & menuki: Zinc alloy

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5 Reviews

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    Great value, really cool

    Posted by Chris E on Jun 20th 2021

    For the money, it is an excellent buy. Great value. The hamon is good. Really distinct. Saya is a nice lacquered piano black. Ito and Sageo are nice enough quality as you could expect from cotton. Habaki fits perfectly and snugly into the saya. No real complaints here. My only suggestion would be to use a blue sageo to make it look more like the Clan Sakai sword from Ghost of Tsushima that this sword is modeled after. Fantastic buy! Great addition to my little collection.

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    RK Entry Level #14

    Posted by Anthony on Mar 21st 2021

    Let me start by saying that it was an incredibly easy, quick, and smooth process of ordering this beautiful sword. I’m a huge fan of Ghost of Tsushima and this scratches my itch for the game even further. It came sharp too. However, the handle came slightly stained but I was able to remove majority of it so that is not much of an issue. Also, the hamon on mine is not very noticeable at all unless you look extremely close to it. And lastly, after only a few days of having it the sword doesn’t want to stay in its saya very well. While I know this is entry level I think it could’ve been a bit nicer however this is still an awesome price for what you’re getting and especially awesome when you’re a fan of the game.

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    Clay tempered model #14

    Posted by JD Cook on Mar 15th 2021

    This sword is decent, it looks good and cuts well. The quality of the sword is well worth the money.

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    RK Model #14 - Sakai Storm Replica

    Posted by Vic M on Nov 9th 2020

    I have been following Matthew Jensen’s channel for several months now, (Shout out to sword friend Matt), and was eyeing RK #13 as my first beginner/backyard cutter katana. Well, when I saw that RK #14 was inspired by the Ghost of Tsushima game, specifically the Storm of Clan Sakai, I did not think twice. The sword shipped and arrived quickly. It is in excellent shape, very sharp out of the box. Matthew Jensen reviewed #13 on his YouTube channel and I feel that this one has the same overall quality, although I’d like to see him review this one as well. Very happy for a first beginner backyard cutter! Will buy again once I level up!

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    The Sakai Storm

    Posted by Frank Ingle on Sep 28th 2020

    This Katana is amazing! As a huge fan of Ghost of Tsushima I was absolutely thrilled to see Ronin release a replica of Lord Jin Sakai's Katana (The Sakai Storm). My Fiance, knowing how much I adore the game and swords offered to buy it for me as an anniversary gift (Amazing, I know!). The Katana arrived in perfect condition and is so incredibly gorgeous in person. I have cut a few water bottles and corn stalks with it and every cut is absolutely clean and perfect. The Bo-hi (Fuller, blood groove) produces a very audible whistle when swinging the blade (Tachikaze: Sword Wind Sound). All in all, if you are a fan of Ghost of Tsushima or Katanas in general you absolutely cannot go wrong with a Ronin Katana. Whether it will be your first Katana or Sword or simply your next. They are an exceptional value and are of exceptional quality. I will definitely purchase from Ronin again in the future. Thank You for taking the time to read this review and Thank You Ronin Katana for an outstanding product!

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