Scratch and Dent Dojo Pro Level Samurai Sword #22

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  • Scratch and Dent Dojo Pro Level Samurai Sword #22
  • Scratch and Dent Dojo Pro Level Samurai Sword #22
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This is the scratch and dent version of the dojo pro level samurai sword#22.


Ronin's Scratch and Dent Guide:

This sword has been discounted due to dents, dings, chips, or rust. It is safe and usable for cutting.

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3 Reviews

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    Ko Katana

    Very impressed Was here before the other 2 packages i ordered at the same time. Did not see any noticeable imperfections. Looks and feels amazing. Everything is tight,well put together. Wish i had caught the sale a little earlier,might have gotten the set at those prices.Overall great job and can see myself purchasing from you again,and hopefully catch the next sale early.

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    Scratch & dent ko katana red saya

    I can't believe the deal I got. This sword is perfect! Looks awesome, it's sharp, good curvature, the blade straight, feels consistent... I had to unsheath it, clean the blade and look it very closely to find the reason why it was in the s&d section. Just some cosmetic scratches at the end of the blade! That's all! I've been dreaming about this sword for years. When I started Iaido and found Ronin Katana, I immediately wanted a dojo pro, with red tsuka or red saya and black tsuka (models 21 and 26, if I'm not wrong). But they are over my budget, and too heavy for me. So I went to other sites, bought cheaper swords. Almost all disappointing. Years passed, and I discovered this shorter version of the sword I ever wanted. And later I found that it was available s&d. I haven't cut with it but I know it performs well, because I used a Ronin dojo pro wakizashi to cut bottles. And this ko katana has a straighter blade, looks even sharper, is more comfortable to wield, and suits me better. What can I say? It's for me.

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    The quality was much better than I expected from 'scratch and dent'. except for what I guess is a slight forging flaw I can find nothing wrong with the blade, fittings or saya, noscratches or rust. It 'executed' the box it arrived in easlily:) One slight disappointment was the length, the description said Wakisashi length blade, technically it is, being 22 1/2", I was expecting 19/20", in all fairness it was my assumption, not any misinformation on the sellers part. I will definitely be buying from Ronin again

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