Scratch and Dent Dojo Pro Level Samurai Sword #9 O Katana

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  • Scratch and Dent Dojo Pro Level Samurai Sword #9 O Katana
  • Scratch and Dent Dojo Pro Level Samurai Sword #9 O Katana
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This is the scratch and dent version of the dojo pro level samurai sword#9.


Ronin's Scratch and Dent Guide:

This sword has been discounted due to dents, dings, chips, or rust. It is safe and usable for cutting.

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12 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome sword for the price!

    I bought this sword on a scratch and dent sale and in typical Ronin katana style,the sword is pretty sweet.not perfect but my girlfriend still likes them.the only issues with it were that a couple of spots on the edge had a little Burr and the back edge of the blade there was a really small defect in the forging but you have to be looking for it to see it.other than that the swords nice and tight and a little bit of sharpening it was cutting like you wouldn't believe nice sword Ronin thank you I will put it to good use.oh and the 1060 steel they are using is something else,I mean it is so tuff you don't quite understand how tuff.

  • 5
    A Nice Size Up The Dojo Pro #14

    I purchased this to match the size+ from my beloved #14 Quality and feel are completely on par with the rest of the Pro line, which is the best vzlue on the market today for functionality, form, and fit.

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    Scratch and Dent O-katana #9

    I had no issues with the model I received. There is no saya rattle, the wrap is tight, and the fittings are secured. The only thing I noticed was that the metal piece directly under the tsuba could be moved slightly with my thumb but other than that, excellent buy for this price. The sword is also very blade heavy due to the size and use of rayskin panels. Also very sharp.

  • 5

    I bought a scratch and dent model 9 and not only was it an amazing buy, but it arrived in 3 days. The sword is great in every way, really big, heavy, and really sharp - an amazing cutter, and I am super happy that I was able to get in on the once a year sale. Highly recommend the #9 for anyone that likes a longer blade that really cuts amazingly well, S&D or not, it's amazing.

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    Incredible Quality

    This Katana is very impressive with its quality and intricate details The fightings are very tight and looks incredible with its rich details The Blade is incredibly sharp So far the cutting capabilities are outstanding and not even a blemish This is truly a remarkable piece is art in craftsmanship

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    #9 O Katana Dojo Pro S & D

    I was very pleased with my purchase. I gave the O katana a rating, of 3 . there is heavy scratching on the blade. The scratches are there plain to see, However the look did not compromise the swords cutting ability. She cuts like a demon. The sword is scratch and dent, I got a great price so again I’m very happy with my new purchase. I have already ordered another sword.

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    Perfect for big guys.

    I got a regular dojo pro katana during last years scratch and dent sale and it was amazing, one of my favorite swords. However I am 6'3 with a large frame and the DP has always just felt a bit small as a two hander for my usage. I was super excited to find out a larger "O"dachi would also be in stock for this years sale and purchased this within hours of the opening for ~$210 including shipping (which was still super quick despite the company being in Texas where the winter storm just happened). No regrets! Being scratch and dent, a few minor aesthetic flaws is to be expected for such a discount. The one I got only has a couple, one of the ray skin handle scales wasn't cut quit right to fit round one of the wooden pegs in the handle so there's a bit of stress fray where it was forced on, but this does not affect performance at all and is only visible if looking closely. Similarly, there is a small partial gap in the brass fitting around the blade base, but the sword is completely tight and rattle free even after testing on a dozen 2 liters and the double box it came in, so I am fully safisfied!

  • 4
    Dojo pro O-katana #9

    The katana looks great, long sleek hourglass shaped thin handle, everything is super tight. Very well put together sword Also Chris is very fast to respond to any questions . great company

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    Dojo Pro #9

    My first Ronin and I am super impressed. Outside of a few small scrapes on the habaki this thing is beautiful. The fittings are tight and It feels very solid. I wouldn’t have complained if I received this as a full price item let alone a scratch and dent with a terrific price. I can’t say enough how pleased I am with my purchase!

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