Two Handed Medieval War Sword - Euro Model #3

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  • Two handed Medieval War Sword
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword and sheath
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword cross guard
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword blade
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword in sheath
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword pommel
  • Two handed Medieval War Sword sheath and belt


Medieval Sword #3 - Two Handed Medieval War Sword


Through hardened 1075 spring steel blade with peened tang.

Metal fittings on sword and scabbard

Wood core leather wrapped sheath and belt.


Handle -  7.1 inches

Handle with pommel - 9 inches

Width of guard - 9.7 inches

Blade length - 35.4 inches

Total length -  45 inches

Blade width at guard - 3.2 inches

Weight - 3 pounds 8 oz

Length in sheath - 49.2 inches



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2 Reviews

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    Medieval war sword 3/ customer service

    Posted by Dylan on Jan 18th 2020

    The blade is very nice, my hands are large and the handle did not fit me. Customer service was outstanding, I returned it with no issues and got the longsword model 2. Fit my larger hands perfectly. They seem to have seen the u-tube reviews and made improvements as well, good scabbard fit and handle leather was not sloppy on either sword.

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    worth a buy

    Posted by Matt on May 21st 2018

    The sword its self is pretty good... feels like a beast, but balanced well enough. Holding it, you feel all 3.5(ish) pounds, but in the swing, it's easy to control. The finish isn't the best I've seen, but its made to be used any way. Everything else, feels nice and tight and solidly constructed though, and has just about the smallest gab between the blade and cross guard I've ever seen. The scabbard on the other hand was pretty junk. The sword wouldn't fit in all the way until I "broke it in" by repeatedly stabbing the sword into it pretty aggressively and the "leather" feels pretty cheap. However... it may serve as some good fire woods on a cold night... you never know. With that being said, who really cares about the scabbard? the sword is good enough on its own that it warrants the price, and most western swords I've seen don't even come with a scabbard at all. All and all, if you want a sword to actually use and not worry too much about scuffing it, or breaking at all, I'd say go a head and pull the trigger. the thing is a blast.

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