Ronin Elite 1095/1060/1045 Tri-steel Laminated - $825
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Traditionally forged blades using advanced Japanese lamination methods developed by legendary masters such as
Masamune. The elite line features blades in the Gomai, Shihozume, and Soshu kitae styles and Dotanuki school. These are
among the most advanced lamination methods the Japanese produced, with Shihozume and Soshu kitae being the most rare.
Each blade is hand forged by a Master Smith who has obtained at least two of the three government awarded ranks. Ronin
Katana is the largest dealer of complex laminated blades in the world.

The elites are one of a kind swords, so once they sell, they are gone for good. This line is only forged once per year. Each
katana offered is an in stock sword and are not pre-sale items.

Pictures are of the actual katana for sale and are taken in natural sunlight.
Ronin Dojo Pro 1060 Steel - $265 and up.
Through Hardened 1060 Steel Dotanuki Katana. Extensively tested against bamboo, and triple tatami
mats. Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Sword Buyer's Guide.  Read the review and see the tests
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Dōtanuki is a Japanese swordsmithing school developed in the Higo province of Kyūshū
during the Kamakura period. The Japanese kanji for dōtanuki translates to,
sword that cuts
through torsos.
While samurai routinely tested their blades on the bodies of convicted criminals
to judge their cutting ability, dōtanuki blades were renowned for cutting through the bodies of
armored opponents.

The thick wide body blades were forged in both bohi (with groove) and no hi (without groove)
styles, although the solid no hi blades were by far the most common. The dōtanuki's thickness
and durability helped them obtain their vicious reputation during the Japanese conquest of
Korea where they were heavily used by daimyō Katō Kiyomasa's personal samurai. Their
popularity peaked during the Azuchi-Momoyama (1568-1600) period, and began to fade
rapidly thereafter as Japan entered a period of relative peace and stability.

The dōtanuki style was all but forgotten until Japanese manga writer Kazuo Koike reintroduced
it the famous 70's magna series Lone Wolf and Cub. The ronin Ogami Ittō uses a dōtanuki
blade in his quest for revenge on the Yagyū clan.
Dojo pro ko-katana
Dojo pro 29 inch blade
Dojo pro o-katana
Dojo pro 30 inch blade
Dojo pro 26 inch blade
Dojo Pro 1095 Steel - $550 - $800

Differentially hardened 1095 steel blades designed for dojo training
and mat cutting.
RK series -  12 models designed for light cutting in the backyard.
1045 steel and real hamon.
Ronin Entry Level $130 Cutters
Ronin Elite 1095/1060/1045 Tri-steel Laminated - Bare Blades

Lacquered saya with Ronin brass habaki already fitted.  Includes silk sword
Dojo pro ko-katana
One of a kind pieces $800+
Limited stock pieces $550+
Sold Out
shorter blade, with standard handle
long bladed katana
Japanese one handed short sword