Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1

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  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
  • Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #1
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Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto


Steel - Through Hardened 1060 Steel

Total Length - 18 inches

Blade Length - 11 inches

Blade width - 1 inch

Handle Length - 5.5 inches

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17 Reviews

  • 5
    Dojo pro 1060 steel Tanto #1

    Posted by Robbie grimes on May 22nd 2020

    It’s a great Tanto for the price. Nice and sharp. The wrap is tight. A little lose in the Saya but for the price I can’t complain.

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    Unbeatable at $60

    Posted by Kyle S. on Apr 6th 2020

    This tanto has a great size and shape with well-put together fittings, excluding the saya, which has a lot of rattle that I am not pleased with, and it could have come a little sharper than it did. However, at a quarter of the price of a Dojo Pro wakizashi, the money saved justifies the few flaws worth pointing out. Fantastic, Ronin.

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    Dojo Pro Tanto #1

    Posted by Reinar on Jan 25th 2020

    This is an extremely well made knife. All the furnishings are very solidly put together and the blade fits in the saya quite securely. I could even hold it upside down and shake it a bit and it would not fall out. the blade is much sharper than many others I have received in the past straight out of the box, but I'd still recommend sharpening it up a tad bit more. Overall, this is an incredible piece with quality several times its price point. I have a friend's birthday coming up soon, so I will definitely be purchasing more of these blades quite soon!

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    A steal at $65, but minor criticisms

    Posted by Steve Boyett on Jan 25th 2020

    The most important thing to stress is that, at $65, the Tanto #1 is a steal. Getting something that isn't a toy for $65 is surprising, and getting something decently made and usable for that price is fantastic.

    I own a Dojo Pro Musashi katana that I absolutely love, so I know what Ronin is capable of producing, and I have to say that if I had paid the $125 MSRP, I'd be a bit disappointed.


    --Like the katana, the ito is tightly wrapped and symmetrical, no play whatsoever.

    --There's no rattling or play anywhere when the tanto is out of the saya.

    --The blade arrives sharp but definitely benefited from stropping.

    --The balance and weight are excellent.

    --The bo-hi is a bit odd but not a problem. I think I'd rather have it than not.

    --The saya is basic but decently made

    --The habaki fits tightly into the koiguchi.

    --Shipping was fast, packaging was excellent, and communication from Ronin was first-rate.

    MINOR CONS (sorry, the site won't let me post pix):

    --The samegawa is badly fitted against the fuchi, humping up like a carpet cut too long, and I'm pretty sure it's plastic and not ray skin.

    --Both shitodome at the kashira weren't fully fitted in and had to be worked in carefully with pliers & a rubber mallet.

    --Though the habaki fits snugly into the koiguchi, the blade is very loose in the saya, and it's easy to make it bang from side to side by moving the tsuka.

    --The sageo is a complete afterthought, but I didn't expect anything else.

    --Like the Dojo Pro katana, wax from inside the saya rubs against the blade when sheathing. This went away after a few weeks with the katana, and I expect it will here, too.

    --Paint overspray just inside the koiguchi rubs off onto the habaki, so I keep cleaning it. I don't want to sand it off the wood because I want the fit to stay tight. I imagine this will diminish over time as well.

    I haven't cut anything with it & I'm not sure I will, so I can't comment on it in that regard. I'm pretty sure it would ruin someone's day if you needed it to.

    Given the above criticisms, I think it's important to reiterate that this is an absolutely fantastic tanto for $65 direct from, but not for twice that. You're definitely buying this for the blade and not the fittings. I'm very happy I bought mine.

  • 5
    Great Tanto

    Posted by sea on Dec 15th 2019

    Everything you would hope for in a tanto,

  • 5

    Posted by Toney on Nov 21st 2019

    Excellent workmanship. Very sharp,a little sharper than,what I call,sword sharp. Very happy with my purchase. I have received less quality at 3 times the price. I can see at least one more Ronin in the not too distant future.

  • 4
    A good value but with an issue.

    Posted by Robert on Nov 18th 2019

    I purchased this tanto sword factory direct with a deep discount. It seems this is a case of you get what you pay for. The blade was outstanding and fittings were also a great quality. The saya however rattles with the sword sheathed. I did not notice at first but when I resheathed the sword I heard plastic wrap crinkling inside. I fished it out with a coat hanger and then sure enough the sword rattles in the saya. I might be able to shim the opening of the saya to stop this but I dont have any wood working tools. Oh well.

  • 5
    Ronin 1060 Tanto

    Posted by Buchanan on Oct 11th 2019

    Gorgeous blade, beautiful geometry, even grinds. Razor sharp! Very pleased.

  • 5

    Posted by Jim S. on Feb 25th 2019

    I didn't know what to expect at this price range and I don't usually go by other reviews but it looked like a pretty good blade so I took a chance on it. After receiving it I looked at this Tanto closely and really couldn't find anything wrong with it. It actually came out of the box very sharp. After taking the handle off, which was pretty difficult, I simply had to do some filing and cleaning up of the tang to get the proper fit. Not as bad as I've had to do on some swords. Overall I am very impressed with the quality of the Ronin Tanto. All of the Dojo Pro fittings are much better quality than the equally priced competitors and this Tanto is no exception. I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting one. I hope my next one is just as good as this one is.

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