Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3

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  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
  •  Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3
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Dojo Pro 1060 Steel Tanto #3



Steel - Through Hardened 1060 spring steel

Total Length - 18.2

Blade Length - 11.5

Blade width - 1

Handle Length - 4.5

weight 15.2oz

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6 Reviews

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    Tanto #3

    Posted by William Mann on Oct 16th 2019

    Awesome blade! Fit of blade to habaki is far from perfect, but it's solid. Tsuka is a little large, but still comfortable in my hand. Ito is tight with symmetrical diamonds. Then the saya: bad, and the reason for less then five stars - loose around the habaki (turn it upside down, give the side a light tap, and the tanto bounces off the floor), and the channel is way too oversized at the other end. Blade rattles inside, top to bottom and side to side. For the $65 discount price, I'll work on it. At full price, I would have returned it. Even with the complaint about the saya, though, I have to say that I'm thinking about buying another one while they're on sale, different model just for variety.

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    Pretty good for the price !

    Posted by Melvin on Aug 15th 2019

    I ordered dojo pro #3 tanto and im satified so far with it . havent tried cutting with it yet because its not quite as sharp as I like but I'll go over it with my 8000 grit whetstone and strop it before I try cutting with it . but other than that the polish is ok and it feels pretty solid . the ito wrap is nice and tight but the main thing is seeing how it cuts after I resharpen it . but for the price I dont think you can go wrong ! I would like to get another dojo pro katana but 300 is just a little to steep in price for that katana . if I gotta pay 300 then I will just get a custom katana made. But either way the dojo tanto #3 is pretty cool and I believe its their biggest tanto so I dont have any complaints at this time !

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    Impressions on this Tanto

    Posted by Sebastien on Jun 24th 2019

    This tanto is first off beautiful and sleek. Elegant is another good way of describing it.
    It has a good blade from what I could gather, I have not put it through rigorous testing but it seems to be a good 1060 carbon steel.
    The issues I ran into were mostly in the tsuka, the fit is not great and in order to compensate it seems it was glued in. I broke the bond of the glue and found the cavity carved out of the handle is too wide and makes it difficult to slot the tang properly. Once you manage to align the peg holes and insert the mekugi it then “feels” solid. ( I also had to make some paper shims to fill the gap between the components)
    My concern is, the tang is only held in alignment because of the mekugi, without the friction of a tighter fitting handle this may affect the performance and durability of this tanto.
    These issues may not be in all the tanto produced. Though that may also explain the price drop.

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    Well made.

    Posted by Michael Hood on May 24th 2019

    Great craftsmanship. Only wish it had a yokote and hamon.

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    Great quality blade

    Posted by Steve on Feb 27th 2018

    I love my new tanto. It's very sharp and straight. I haven't cut with it yet but I'm sure it won't disappoint. I love the design as well.

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    Just as like on the photos

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 15th 2017

    Just as like on the photos. Saya could have been made a little better. I think they rushed to make this saya so the texture of the sageo are inprinted to the paint of the saya as it looks like the paint did not cured enough. But for the price, you really cannot complain. Other than the paint of Saya, the tanto I received was a pretty good for the price.

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