Kill Bill Brides Sword O-Katana + Tanto

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  • Kill Bill Bride's Katana
  • Kill Bill Brides Sword O-Katana + Tanto
  • Hanzo Steel Kill Bill Bride's Katana
  • Kill Bill Brides Sword O-Katana + Tanto
  • Kill Bill Brides Sword O-Katana + Tanto
  • Kill Bill Brides Sword O-Katana + Tanto


Hanzo Steel and Ronin katana presents, the katana the Bride from Kill Bill should have asked Hatori Hanzo to forge for her!



Steel - Differentially hardened 1060 steel with real hamon

Total Length - 46 inches

Blade Length - 33 inches

Blade Width - 1.2 inches

Handle Length - 12 inches

Weight - 2 pounds 13 oz

Wrap - Cotton



Steel - 1045 through hardened steel.

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5 Reviews

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    It really IS the sword "The Bride" should have used!

    Posted by Max on Mar 3rd 2017

    This is DEFINITELY an O-Katana, and it was made as usual Ronin-tastic!! The sori on this blade is intense.....the usual being 3/4" bug the curve in this katana seems to make the cut more powerful! My ONLY issue (but not worth losing a star over) is that it was pretty dull out of the box. I mean I can still Accusharp it sharp, but I do like it when it comes sharp out of the box. The Tanto is actually pretty amazing, even for 1045 steel. Decently sharp and really a SOLID tanto all around. I highly recommend both, especially when both blades are worth MUCH more than the asking price. Thanks Chris and the Ronin team, another success!

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    Very nice feel, VERY long, and very cool looking.

    Posted by Gabe on Jan 7th 2017

    This katana looks pretty sweet minus a few design dingies with the sprinkles on the lion on the lower blade part, but that is a minor thing compared to how well it cuts. Came not completely sharpened, but they don't usually anyway from manufacturers and it still cut really well. But I absolutely love the longness of the katana because I'm so tall I can use a katana my size now and practice to size. The handle is really long too and quality is superb as the wrap is nice and tight and the kashira is nice looking and tight. I just wish the blade was more clean when I got it out for the first time because whatever putty they put to help keep it in stuck to the metals of the habaki and seppa easily, but those are also little nit-pick things that don't matter too much. It's a great sword, especially if you are six and a half foot with long long arms or to just display is because it is really nicely designed.

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    I rated the deal more than the product.

    Posted by Rick on Dec 29th 2016

    At the price point of this combo, this is a great deal. I believe they claim this sword to be battle ready, and it does feel solid and certainly has some heft with a 33" blade. It was only partially sharpened and I may or may not attempt to sharpen it more. The Tanto is not really sharp at all, but solid like the sword. This would make an excellent purchase merely for having a sharpening stand in to learn on in both. It looks the part quite well, too. It would fool everyone but a collector, as to it's pedigree. Some of the "gold" inlay is more rolled than inlaid, if it was meant appear inlaid. I won't have it uncased much anyway because it is a fully operational sword as it sits and could remove body parts fairly easily with the right stroke.

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    Outstanding Katana for the money

    Posted by Robert on Dec 16th 2016

    Got my set today and I have to say that for the money, I am very impressed - this is not a toy / wall hanger. This is the real thing - Although you absolutely can hang it on the wall because it looks and displays fantastic. I also have to agree with everything the other reviewer had to say - the weight and feel of this sword is great and everything is made well with quality in mind. You can definitely slice up some rogue fruit or water bottles in the back yard with this But Don't do It. I say don't because it could definitely handle it, but its a beautiful sword that you wont want to scratch - just know that it certainly could do the job if need be. And lastly, if you do plan to practice or do practice cuts with this sword, get some training first (specifically Aikido) because as I said, this is not a toy and yes it is very sharp and has good weight. Without proper sword handling and technique you can easily lose a body part or slice yourself (or someone nearby) up pretty bad with this if you're not careful or don't know what you're doing.

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    "That really was a Hattori Hanzo katana..." -O-Ren Ishii's last words

    Posted by Chris Lopez on Dec 7th 2016

    The Bride's o-katana is quite a piece of work. It's got a good weight to it, and its blade is thick and very sharp. Kinda big and heavy for a man of my short stature, but an incredible weapon nonetheless. The ito and koshirae are all nice and tight, and the blade sits securely inside the saya. The tanto is a nice companion piece to the sword as well. At its price, it's a great deal, whether you are a serious practitioner of the Japanese sword arts or just a collector of lovely swords.

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