Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword

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  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
  • Scratch and Dent Ronin Katana Euro #8 Viking Sword
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This is the scratch and dent version of the Euro #8 Viking Sword.


 Ronin's Scratch and Dent Guide:

This sword has been discounted due to dents, dings, chips, or rust. It is safe and usable for cutting.


All Scratch & Dent sword sales are final. We do not provide refunds on S&D items.



One Handed Peened Pommel Viking Sword - 1075 TH carbon steel blade, with a wide central fuller. Extensively tested for over a year by Skallagrim, Sword Buyer's Guide, and Ronin's own volunteer testing squad, this viking sword was designed for heavy backyard cutting use.


Blade: 1075 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 2 lb 8.9 oz
Edge:  Sharp
P.O.B.: 5 1/2''
Thickness: 5.8 mm - 3 mm
Width: 49.8 mm
Grip Length: 4 1/4''
Pommel: Peened


Free bonus item - sheath

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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Scratch and dent euro #8

    Posted by Tom O on Mar 8th 2024

    Sword is great, I can’t even tell what’s scratch and dent about it, super sturdy and tight. Lighter than expected, pretty nice.

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    Euro #8 Viking

    Posted by Ryan on Feb 17th 2022

    Hard to imagine getting a better sword for this price. Despite being listed as a scratch & dent sword, the only flaws I could find on mine were some VERY light marks on the side of the blade which were probably from test cutting, but they quite literally polished out in less than 2 minutes. The weight and balance of this blade are fantastic for a cutter like this, and the grip feels great in my hand. The pommel edges facing the hand can hit the wrist uncomfortably if using certain grips. Hammer grip seems to be the best for this sword. TL;DR Buy this sword, you won't be sorry!

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    Ronin scratch and dent euro 8

    Posted by Eric J on Feb 16th 2022

    Great sword, couldn’t find anything wrong with this particular scratch and dent item, I’ve been buying from Ronin Katana for years and will continue to do so.

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    Euro #8 Viking

    Posted by Richard on Feb 16th 2022

    Well, I'm no longer a Viking Virgin! I got an RK scratch and dent Euro #8 and I love it! Very simple, but nice weight and balance and nothing wrong at all as far as scratches and dents. …Stitching on the grip is nicely done, the scabbard fits great with no rattle and just the right amount of snug at the throat so it doesn’t fall out. No excess glue or epoxy anywhere and decently close gap where blade meets the guard. Blade seems smooth and unblemished. Could be a bit sharper, but it’s certainly an acceptable factory sharpening… just the pommel is a little off from square with the guard and blade, but it's not noticable at all unless you're looking for it and the peen is very smooth with no hammer marks at all and almost invisible. Very very happy with my purchase and will certainly look for other Euros should they go on sale as well! I need to go kill some Christians now!!

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    Posted by Christopher Jones on Jan 30th 2020

    I wasn't able to find the flaw that cause dit to be a scratch and dent. I haven't used this as much as my two handed swords from Ronin, but it is a fantastic deal if you are looking for this style of Viking sword.

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    Euro #8 Viking Sword

    Posted by Brian Foye on Jan 7th 2020

    The thick appleseed profile spring tempered satin finished blade is on par with the most expensive you can by in finish and function. Choice of steel used is an excellent balance between toughness and hardness. Handle length is perfect so as not to bite into your palm. Guard and pommel are my favorite shape of all of my viking reproductions, the weight and thickness is where it should be. I'll probably engrave some scrollwork when i have time to personalize it. Had it a year, swing it around like a berserker and the cotton wrap is still tight. Solid peen on the pommel end is nicely flush sanded. Matt Jensons utube destruction vid of this weapon prove it's more than battle readiness and sturdy design. Chape and throat on the wrapped wood scabbard seem to be an alloy, but i like it because i don't have to worry abt it rusting, it wont dent and it lightens it up. Thank you Chris and the Ronin staff for another excellent piece to my collection. This one's a keeper and those are hard to find nowadays at any price. Extremely satisfied.

  • 4

    Euro 8 Viking Sword

    Posted by OldBoots on Feb 18th 2019

    Quite acceptable for the cost. The leather belt etc would have to be replaced to use it but the blade is impressive and authentic design. I'm typically not fond of double edged blades so this new to me but I am impressed with the quality of the blade.

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