Two Handed Crusader Long Sword - Euro Model #13

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  • medieval sword in sheath
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  • medieval sword
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  • medieval crusader sword
  • medieval crusader sword
  • Two Handed Crusader Long Sword - Euro Model #13
  • medieval crusader sword
  • medieval crusader sword


Euro model #13 - Two Handed Crusader Long Sword


Through hardened 1075 spring steel blade with peened tang.

Metal fittings on sword and scabbard

Wood core leather wrapped sheath and belt.


Handle - 7.2 inches

Handle with pommel - 9 inches

Blade length - 35.5 inches

Total length 45 inches

Blade width 2 inches at guard

Weight 3.2 pounds

Length in sheath 48 inches



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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Very sharp

    Posted by Jarec Gill on Dec 15th 2022

    It cut clean through whatever I put it through

  • 3

    Euro 13

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 7th 2022

    Feels solid. 3/5 starts because the pommel is slightly loose and has a very slight rattle. Other than that a very solid piece for the price.

  • 4

    Almost Perfect

    Posted by R on Oct 8th 2022

    This sword is everything I hoped for. A classic type XIIa, the blade is long and wide and slowly tapers to a well defined point, making it ideal for both cutting and thrusting. It’s sharp but not razor sharp, which feels just right for a sword of this type. The handle is comfortable and has just enough room for two hands, making it more of a bastard sword in my opinion. The sword actually has the exact same dimensions as my Jon Snow Longclaw wall-hanger, which is precisely what I wanted. It’s very nice that a scabbard is included, and although the belt is confusing, it all looks attractive and feels like decent quality. It’s a bit difficult to draw the sword out, but that’s better than the sword sliding out on its own and I’m sure it will loosen slightly with continued use. The reason I can’t give this sword five stars is because right out of the box, the pommel was slightly loose and makes a rattling sound when I wiggle it. I’m not sure if this is a common problem or something that needs to be addressed, but since it doesn’t twist or seem like it will break off or anything, I’m going to try to ignore it. Overall I am very pleased with the quality of this sword for the price. It’s my first “real” sword and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to get into this hobby.

  • 5

    Euro #13

    Posted by R Cline on Sep 29th 2022

    Well made sword, fit and finish is outstanding. Exceptional customer service.

  • 5

    Great sword, great company

    Posted by Davis on Jan 5th 2021

    It came in great condition, it is a little hard to unsheathe at first but the more I do it, the more it eases. But it still holds tight in the sheathe which is perfect. It arrived roughly 5 days later than estimated but considering 2020-21’s circumstances, I really have no complaints and I fully understand on the company’s and delivery’s behalf. And to top it all off, upon request, I did get a funny note and I think the book will do great, Chris. Can’t say the same for Prince Henry though.

  • 4

    50/50 longsword

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 2nd 2020

    This longsword is about 50% cut, 50% thrust in capability. The fullered, broad blade is at its base wide enough to allow for deep, devastating cuts with much surface area present for blocking & parrying. The tip could be finer but is sufficient. The sharpened edges (almost perfect) permit easy slicing. Blade has traces of something both sticky & grease-like; probably a rust preventative. A few markings left from the forging & polishing remain. Feel free to draw the sword upon unboxing, wiping the blade clean & oiling it up. The guard is minimalistic, not optimal for the sword connoisseur nor the novice. Not a big deal though; the guard would be very effective for strikes because of its blunt, square ends with little surface area. The hilt wrap is ribbed (my favorite grip form), soft & perfect for both single or double-handed use. The engraved pommel is circular & hard; quite capable of stunning or wounding one's foe. This sword is long & weighs merely about 3 pounds out of its scabbard but feels heavy; the point of balance is relatively far from the hilt indicating that a lot of steel went into the blade before it was fullered. Is this bad? Certainly not. But this is no novice's longsword; bulk up thine upper body in addition to sword practice. Low & intimidating sound when cutting through air. The scabbard is festive, adorned with numerous cords & strips. One can adjust these to simplify carrying the sword above the waist; a handy yet unnecessary bonus. The scabbard is great, the best I've used yet. The sword is not tight in the scabbard so it's easy to draw... be careful. Packaging was damaged & handling seemed desperately rushed. Delivery was 2 days late; not Ronin Katana's fault but during ordering I was required to pay for priority mail (it wasn't cheap). For an all-purpose longsword this is about the best you can get; go custom & you can get exactly what you want but prepared to pay much more. Of course, if you have the tools & know the techniques you can customize swords however you want or even forge your own.

  • 5

    EURO MODEL #13

    Posted by Santiago Guillen on Oct 14th 2019

    A classic Type XIIa. I originally received the sword with a scabbard that was so tight it was extremely difficult to unsheathe the blade. Fortunately, after contacting RK about this issue and requesting an equal exchange, Chris assisted in sending me my new Euro 13. The scabbard was now fitted properly for the blade. However, I did also notice some other welcome details - the fuller and the blade itself had a straighter profile than the first blade. This was pleasing but makes me wonder about the consistency of the straight profiles for other Euros. Regardless, the package was more than satisfactory. The balance and weight of the sword are not Albion-level but are impressive and refreshing compared to lower priced models. It's lighter than one would think as well and not terribly difficult to wield one-handed. There was no secondary bevel and the edge was consistently sharp and even. It easily holds its edge and cutting power against the light backyard sessions I put it through (mostly water bottles and jugs). The scabbard is more than simply decent but it is the sword belt that adds a rather nice touch to the sword as the fitting is also a rather faithful interpretation of a 13th century scabbard and belt. In fact, I will be ordering a second one for another hand and a half sword - should RK allow one-off purchases like this. In any case, this is a definitive solid choice for any beginner collector seeking a classic 12th to 13th century hand and a half sword in a XIIa incarnation that won't break the bank as it remains within roughly entry-level price range. Sharp, surprisingly agile, with unstated elegance and with a rather nicely peened pommel evoking the cross of the Knights Templar as well.

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