Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10

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  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10
  • Ronin Katana Two Handed Long Sword #10


Ronin Katana Euro Sword Model #10



Steel: 1075 through hardened

Total Length: 45 inches

Blade: 33.5 inches

Width 1.5 inches

Handle: 7 inches

Extended grip using pommel: 10.2 inches

Weight: 3 pounds 3 oz


Free bonus item - Basic sheath.


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10 Reviews

  • 5
    Good Price for the Product

    Posted by Matt G on Sep 27th 2022

    The handle is a little on the thin side and the blade had a couple scuffs but at this price it's still a pretty solid buy.

  • 5
    Swiss Saber/Kriegsmesser Blade

    Posted by Nick on May 24th 2022

    I have to admit this blade is extremely well put together. My pommel nicely lined up with the handle and leather, I don't get any hotspots handling the sword. The handle is slightly off-centered but not enough to bother me in any way, it's very very minor. It also feels extremely rock solid in the hand. The only thing I think that would make it better would be a ring on the right side of the cross-guard to make it more like a Swiss Saber or Kriegsmesser. Even a simple ring like Cold Steel's Grosse Messer one. Just please not on the wrong side like Honshu Boshin's offering lmao. Either way, the blade itself is a steal for the price and definitely beats out the competition for me. It looks amazing and feels light enough to do some small one handed cutting. Absolute favorite blade I've purchased hands down.

  • 3
    bad handle

    Posted by Jared Pelletier on Jan 31st 2022

    the handle is off is by alot and makes me have to find someone to get a new handle for it and scabbard cuse the scabbard is basically garbage but the blade is good thanks.

  • 4

    Posted by Christopher d Shoup on Dec 21st 2021

    The fit and finish are a bit off, but this was expected. The blade came fairly sharp. The weight and balance are good. Very satisfied

  • 5

    Posted by Jesse Ritchie on Oct 31st 2020

    Personally I have had an eye on this piece for two years, and being a fan of messers and other sabers alike this piece was absolutely amazing for $250. The blade has a good edge and the weight is well within control if you want to do some light one handed techniques, but feels great to two hand it since it doesn't feel at all cumbersome. Now the crossgaurd has held up but well keep an eye on it since there is some space, but that is an easy fix so no problem there. The sheath is just simple but will work. Honestly this has been one of the best buys for a sword and definitely recommend it for some who are looking for a a budget sword Ronin did a fine job.

  • 5

    Posted by Seth on Jun 4th 2019

    Great for the price. Can’t get much more fun than this. I would love it even more if it had a “nail”...then it would be even more like a messer. It feels great to wield. I’m no expert but I do HEMA and this thing is fun.

  • 4
    Beautiful Sword

    Posted by Fritjof Ott on Oct 19th 2018

    After some trouble with the customs in Germany (please post the bill onte outside of the box next time), I finally got it home and could see it in all its glory. It's a beautifull sword with good handling and a moderatly sharp blade. Thanks to the distal taper its surprisingly light and feels nimble for a sword of that size. The leather scabbard is useable but not very pretty. same for the belt thats shipped with it; I wish they would just not bother with the belt and pretty up the scabbard instead. All in all a great sword, but the extras are lacking

  • 4
    Not bad

    Posted by Michael Sharkey on Oct 15th 2018

    Good but not great. The blade is quite nice, which is why I decided to keep the sword. Handle is a touch thin for my taste, and the faux leather is fairly flimsy. For $250 though, I will simply wrap some leather cord around it and call it a day. The steel is 1075 and I was able to put a very sharp edge on it. It cuts very well, and the edge was still razor sharp are a good test cutting session. However, after only one tatami workout, the guard is a bit loose. Not the biggest of deals, but a touch disappointing. All in all an excellent training weapon. I feel like the construction on the #7 longsword is a bit more solid, but for the price, it's a good buy.

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    Distal Taper that you can see from across the room!!

    Posted by Connor C on Feb 3rd 2018

    For $250 I was expecting a cold steel esque sharped club, but instead I got a blade that handles, and cuts better than any sword in my collection. After about 10 min with a strop It was razor sharp and now cuts even better than my Katana(that I also got from ronin). I could not be happier with the blade. I was able to cut a 1.80 inch maple sapling all the way through on the bias with one low power swing. If your considering this or any of the other euro blades JUST DO IT. Forget cold steel get a blade that doesn't suck. P.S. the sheath that this sword come with kinda blows but its a $250 blade so it kinda a free addon and it does the job well enough

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