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How Ebay Samurai Swords get Made in China - An Inside Look at Sword Making Part Six

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Recently I commented on a thread posted on the SBG forum. The topic was "Are most ebayer sellers operating under a parent company." The question later came up, as it usually does, about whether these ebay sword dealers own factories as they claim. The best way to answer that question is to get an address and go visit. A few forum members chimed in with addresses, and my wife, who is currently in China went for a visit. I asked her to take pictures of the buildings, and visit with the owners of the factories, and perhaps get a tour of the operation. 

The first one -

Hanbon - nan da yang, Jian Chi Rd, Long Quan, China, 323700

This address is for a general area, and not a specific building. The area it's located in has retail shops, but no factories or assembly areas. 

The second one - 

Huawei (Jacky Chen)

Chen Jin Kai
100 JianChi RD
LongQuan,ZheJian Prov

This one is an address, and was visited. Here are the pictures.

It's a candy store. No sword factories, sword assembly shops, or retail sword shops close by. 

Sinosword - The address provided to ebayers is a restaurant with apartments above it. Odds are high that the dealers live in the apartment above. No factory.

Mystery solved...

Marvel's Deadpool Movie - Samurai Swords and Guns - A look at the Katana Deadpool uses.

This February Marvel Comic's Deadpool will hit theaters. This marks one of the few times a comic book inspired movie will have an R rating. Others have been  the Blade movies, and the Watchmen. Like Blade, and the Watchmen, Deadpool also focuses on an anti-hero instead of a super hero. It's interesting to see FOX [...]

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Forging Swords in China - Some of the Greatist Living Sword Smiths in China

China has been making swords for thousands of years, and to this day, sword ownership in China is something successful businessmen and families aspire to. Famous smiths can command prices in excess of $100,000USD for a single jian or dao rivaling, and in many instances, eclipsing their Japanese katana making rivals.Becoming a master smith follows [...]

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How Ebay Samurai Swords get Made in China - An Inside Look at Sword Making Part Two

Ebay sword sellers often, okay always, claim they have a forge and make the swords they sell themselves. Actually, in 100% of the cases, this is untrue. Yep, they are all lying, and not one of them owns a forge. So where do the mass quantities of swords they sell come from? In some cases, [...]

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Taking a Look at the Deadpool Movie Samurai Swords

Some good shots of the katana Deadpool is using in the movie. Deadpool is probably the most famous comic book character to eviscerate enemies with samurai swords, but he is not the only one to do so in the movies. Wolverine made good use of them in The Wolverine, and Psylocke will be using one [...]

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The Ronin Elite 2015 Soshu Kitae Line has Stocked

Ronin has restocked the elite line with lots of new katana for sale. O-katana, kogarsu maru (little crow), and ko katana are among the 60+ new elites this year. Ronin has also added some Chinese jian and dao this year. Ronin Katana is the world's largest seller of complex laminated katana, including soshu kitae. Lamination [...]

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Ronin Katana Sword Parts Eight Fold Path Tsuba Giveaway

The Ronin Katana 10th anniversary prize giveaways continue. Ronin gave away a bunch or prizes last week, including an samurai sword from the entry level katana line. This week is kicking off with an eight fold path tsuba. Ronin has used this tsuba on and off for many years, and it was of course the [...]

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Ronin Katana 10th Anniversary Give Away Has Started!

Ronin's 10th Anniversary Give Away Has Started! Today Ronin awarded a customer loyalty prize (hammer forged bare blade). Keep checking back here and the Ronin facebook page for weekly contests. There is no purchase necessary for the weekly prizes. Loyalty prizes are awarded to people that have either made purchases from Ronin in the past, [...]

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First Look at the 2015 Ronin Elite katana #218

First look at one of the new 2015 elites (#218). This is the full sized version of a Kogarasu Maru, or little crow. Elites are one of a kind swords, so this is the exact katana that will be for sale.

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