How Ebay Samurai Swords get Made in China - An Inside Look at Sword Making Part Six

Recently I commented on a thread posted on the SBG forum. The topic was "Are most ebayer sellers operating under a parent company." The question later came up, as it usually does, about whether these ebay sword dealers own factories as they claim. The best way to answer that question is to get an address and go visit. A few forum members chimed in with addresses, and my wife, who is currently in China went for a visit. I asked her to take pictures of the buildings, and visit with the owners of the factories, and perhaps get a tour of the operation. 

The first one -

Hanbon - nan da yang, Jian Chi Rd, Long Quan, China, 323700

This address is for a general area, and not a specific building. The area it's located in has retail shops, but no factories or assembly areas. 

The second one - 

Huawei (Jacky Chen)

Chen Jin Kai
100 JianChi RD
LongQuan,ZheJian Prov

This one is an address, and was visited. Here are the pictures.

It's a candy store. No sword factories, sword assembly shops, or retail sword shops close by. 

Sinosword - The address provided to ebayers is a restaurant with apartments above it. Odds are high that the dealers live in the apartment above. No factory.

Mystery solved...

Feb 26th 2016 Chris Scoggin for Ronin Katana

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