Two Handed Medieval LongSword Model #2

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  • Two handed medieval long sword with single fuller
  • Two handed medieval long sword with single fuller
  • Two handed medieval long sword with single fuller
  • Two handed medieval long sword with single fuller
  • Two handed medieval long sword with single fuller
  • Two handed medieval long sword pommel
  • Two handed medieval long sword with single fuller
  • Two handed medieval long sword sheath and belt


Medieval Sword #2 - Two Handed Long Sword with single fuller


Through hardened 1075 spring steel blade with peened tang.

Metal fittings on sword and scabbard

Wood core leather wrapped sheath and belt.


Handle -  7.4 inches

Handle with pommel - 9.2 inches

Guard width - 7.4 inches

Blade length - 36 inches

Total length -  46 inches

Blade width at guard - 1.7 inches

Weight - 2 pounds 13 oz

Length in sheath - 49 inches



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5 Reviews

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    Happy with the purchase

    Posted by edwin patterson on Jun 13th 2021

    Overall very happy with the purchase. Factory edge has already cut milk jugs and pool noodles with relative ease. Unlike some reviews I've read, the sword does not fall out of the scabbard. There is some resistance holding it in. The blade itself is clean and uniform. It has what I believe to be the correct amount of flex to it. The pommel is really begging to have something installed there. A quarter fits, but it is not snug and will fall out. Now i'm going to get nit picky. Individually these things would be no big deal, but added together I had to deduct one star. - Whatever dye or seal they used on the grip looks like it splashed on the pommel, and was not cleaned off. I had to scrape it off with a razor where i could. Looks fine now. - Leather in the scabbard at the bottom has wrinkles in it. - sword belt style was designed for the smaller blades of the viking age swords. There is no adjustment to the angle and at this angle, for a person my size, removing the sword requires some twisting of the torso. - The recess in the pommel looks unfinished. The metal is very rough. It's like they are expecting you to put something there. - I have a 40" waist, and the belt was almost too big. You may have to cut it down to size if you plan to use it. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase. The value for the money is great. It performs better than I was expecting. Swords was double boxed. I placed the order Tyrsday evening and got a shipping notification Wodensday morning at 9:30. It showed up on Saturnday via USPS.

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    Overall happy

    Posted by Joseph Burger on Jun 18th 2019

    I feel like this should have been for sale under the dinged up swords. There was small Knicks and scratches and a little bit of rust all over the guard. And the blade has easily visible scratches all over it. Luckily I have my own shop and I knew all it needed to fix these issues was some 0000 grit steel wool and about 20 minutes. However for the person that isn't handy, this would have been a huge let down because right out of the box because it looked like crap. But overall I'm happy with it. It feels sturdy, it arrived within 3 days. It has a actual convex edge, and though the blade isn't razor sharp, it's decent. I plan on weighing it too but my scale needs new batteries. I'll make an update when I get them.

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    Euro 2 medieval longsword

    Posted by Nick Marchuk on Jun 12th 2019

    A very nice sword for a good price, my only complaint is that there’s a seem in the grip of the handle. This makes it uncomfortable to hold the sword for longer periods of time

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    Blade and design are nice, handle grip needs deburr

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 10th 2018

    The sword is really nice, balanced at 16cm from guard, with nice design, not too long for me, and not too heavy. It cuts well and so it does the job. Yet, the handle grip is made from a piece welded which makes a burr all along the handle. This is nice for a few cutting tests, and not comfortable to use the sword for several cuts. I like also the scabbard design.

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    Awesome sword, nice price...

    Posted by Eric B. on Jun 7th 2018

    My first euro longsword and I couldnt be happier with my purchase. Nice fit and finish. Not katana sharp, but sharp enough to take off a limb nonetheless with no secondary bevel. Blade was straight. The balance is a bit far out, but a quarter fits in the pomell recess perfectly. Could glue a few in there and pull the balance back if you desire. For the price it cant be beat. Once I get to get to know her a bit better Ill put up a video review on youtube. Thanks Ronin.

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