Hand and a Half Italian LongSword - Medieval Sword Model #5

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  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a Half Italian LongSword  - Medieval Sword Model #5
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Medieval Sword #5 - Hand and a Half Italian Long Sword


Through hardened 1075 spring steel blade with peened tang.

Metal fittings on sword and scabbard

Wood core leather wrapped sheath and belt.


Handle -  7 3/4 inches

Guard width -  8 1/3 inches

Blade length -  36 1/2 inches

Total length -   47 inches

Blade width at guard - 1 3/4 inches

Weight -  3 pounds  2 oz

Length in sheath -  50 inches



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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Way More Sword Then What You Pay For!

    Posted by Dominik Huhsl on Nov 8th 2019

    I got my model 5 today and got it unpacked and had a chance to handle it and I have to say this feels just as good as any sword you would pay $800-$1k for easily! It feels like a longsword should and this one is very balanced it thrusts as easily as it cuts. Being a HEMA practitioner it was important to me I get a sword that does not feel like just a shaped piece of steel with no balance or life to it. Well, this longsword is well balanced and solid. I put it through some guards and cuts and everything feels super solid no rattles or loose cross guard or anything at all that would make you think it was so affordable. Now on to the blade itself. It's well polished and definitely sharp enough to cut. Has good flex like a good sword blade should! I will be cutting some tameshigiri mats with it next! So if your on the fence about getting one of these because you think they are not made well don't be. These things are solid. I own swords I have paid 10 times more for then this one and it feels just as solid! Nice work Ronin Katana on making a very functional longsword at a price anyone can afford.

  • 5
    Incredible Sword for the Money

    Posted by Brian Wright on Jul 22nd 2019

    This sword is solid and feels powerful in the hand alone. The blade comes sharpened and ready for cutting ( I still have not done this months after purchasing) the Hilt is beautifully wrapped and fells comfortable as well as sturdy. The included scabbard is wood wrapped in leather with a simple steel accent at the tip. The sword is secure in the sheath as it does not fall out even when inverted and shaken but releases with little effort when draw. I could not be more statisfied with this sword.

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    Amazing sword

    Posted by Joe on Feb 22nd 2019

    This sword is light and fast. It is very solid and well built. The peen on the crisply detailed fishtail pommel is almost perfectly blended in, with only the faintest trace. The point of balance on mine is 4 1/2", it does not feel blade heavy at all. I am very pleased with this sword!

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