Hand and a Half Italian LongSword - Medieval Sword Model #5

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  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a half Italian sword
  • Hand and a Half Italian LongSword  - Medieval Sword Model #5


Medieval Sword #5 - Hand and a Half Italian Long Sword


Through hardened 1075 spring steel blade with peened tang.

Metal fittings on sword and scabbard

Wood core leather wrapped sheath and belt.


Handle -  7 3/4 inches

Guard width -  8 1/3 inches

Blade length -  36 1/2 inches

Total length -   47 inches

Blade width at guard - 1 3/4 inches

Weight -  3 pounds  2 oz

Length in sheath -  50 inches



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11 Reviews

  • 5
    15th century hand and a half Italian longsword

    Posted by Jon on Apr 7th 2023

    Nicer than I expected. It was on sale as a blemished item which I think might be from the pommel not exactly matching the grip but I didn't buy this for perfect fit and finish. I bought it because I wanted to see a machined 1075 tempered steel blade and I'm not disappointed. It's very smooth and even has nice Flex to it but not too long whippy. It measures about 53 on our Rockwell hardness tester at work and came pretty Sharp. I took apart some boxes with it for lack of any better targets and it worked quite well, especially on the thrust you can't even feel the tip penetrate a couple layers of cardboard. Looking forward to seeing how it does pruning the swamp oak tree in my driveway LOL!

  • 3
    Decent budget sword with some issues to be aware of

    Posted by Zach R on Sep 29th 2022

    Overall the sword is definitely worth the price being charged. The Good: Price, Blade Geometry, Heat treat and temper is solid, Point of balance is good, good blade steel, comes with a scabard, The Bad: Factory edge was really bad(if someone got this as their first sword they would probably be very frustrated) the edge as inconsistent and dull, last 1/3 of the blade was completely dull to the point were I'm not afraid to run my finger down it with decent pressure on it, middle and bottom were slightly better but still not sharp enough to cut water bottles consistently without ripping through them, The grip wrap on the waist section of the handle is super bulky and completely round, mine has a slight buzz in the pommel when the blade vibrates. After some time sharpening and honing on my belt grinder it cuts well, but if your someone that doesn't know how to hone a sword this could be a deal breaker for you.

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    Good First Sword

    Posted by Jake on May 24th 2022

    This is the first "real" sword I have bought. It came very sharp and was very satisfying to cut some fruit with. The scabbard came very snug, but the blade seems to rattle more now. I think this may be due to the wax from shipping finally wearing off. It also comes with sword hanger loops on the scabbard with no belt. I found nothing in the store that went with the scabbard loops, so that was a little disappointing. I have had it for about two weeks, and I am very satisfied.

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    Excellent value

    Posted by Brian Parks on Feb 25th 2022

    This sword is exceptional for the price. The blade is long and sleek and finished very well. Fullers are even and strait. The balance is excellent and feels more lively in the hands than some other smaller lighter swords. The handle is comfortable and easily index’s the edge. The only negative I have was mine came with a couple small blemish marks I cannot get off on the cross guard. The pommel is beautifully done, the lines are crisp and strait but not sharp. Overall I am very pleased and would highly recommend this sword to anyone considering it.

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    Hand and a Half Italian Longsword

    Posted by A on Feb 19th 2021

    A very solid sword. It is only in the details of the fit and finish that I find issues. Firstly, the seam of the leather handgrip is very noticeable and somewhat annoying in the hand, it can dig in to one's hands uncomfortably. The leather belt that came with the sword was very thin and cheaply made. The point of the sword is very slightly off center. The pommel is not symmetrical, the grinds on one side are noticeably longer than the other. I suppose one should not expect perfection at this price point and the flaws are fairly minor. However, functionally the weapon is excellent. The edge and tip hold up to repeated chopping and thrusting, without a single deflect or roll on the blade thus far. Overall I am satisfied with the sword and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a fully functional weapon.

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    Hand and a Half Italian Longsword

    Posted by Julian on Feb 10th 2021

    Best on the market for the price. No rattling, decent edge, it is just a fine work of craftsmanship overall.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 12th 2020

    Another "50/50" sword; an elegant piece with a long crossguard that is not merely a quadrilateral bar. The hilt has 2 general gripping areas defined by a lump (visible within product images); great for establishing which grip techniques work better than others. The blade's long & very sharp with a fuller long enough to break resistance to deep cuts & cleaving across most of the edges' surface areas; this blade has near-perfect geometry for this form of sword. The scabbard is higher quality than most; no locket means no loose locket issue. Chape seems sufficiently tough. Sword sits in the scabbard optimally (for now) with only the last fourth of the blade rattling inside. Pommel is lovely. The center of gravity for this sword is close to the crossguard, the sword therefore feels light & agile, even when used with 1 hand, to the experienced swordsman. Scabbard has belt loops & a belt is provided for various carry styles. Arrival was delayed by 2 days but the boxes were in excellent condition compared to the previous RK sword I ordered. This exceptional model is a smart buy, discounted for now. A great addition would be a ricasso for easier half-swording.

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    Not bad. Not bad at all

    Posted by Joseph D'Andrea on Nov 16th 2020

    The sword overall is great. We have a issue with the sheath with leather rolling over the metal cap which really ruined the look but functionally its fine i guess. The edge could of been sharper. I wasn't expecting razor sharp but being able to easily cut paper as well as a brand new 20-30 pocket knife would of better than what I got. Overall I feel as if they rushed the production to get it to me faster which is nice but id rather of had a better sword and wait a week or two.

  • 5
    Way More Sword Then What You Pay For!

    Posted by Dominik Huhsl on Nov 8th 2019

    I got my model 5 today and got it unpacked and had a chance to handle it and I have to say this feels just as good as any sword you would pay $800-$1k for easily! It feels like a longsword should and this one is very balanced it thrusts as easily as it cuts. Being a HEMA practitioner it was important to me I get a sword that does not feel like just a shaped piece of steel with no balance or life to it. Well, this longsword is well balanced and solid. I put it through some guards and cuts and everything feels super solid no rattles or loose cross guard or anything at all that would make you think it was so affordable. Now on to the blade itself. It's well polished and definitely sharp enough to cut. Has good flex like a good sword blade should! I will be cutting some tameshigiri mats with it next! So if your on the fence about getting one of these because you think they are not made well don't be. These things are solid. I own swords I have paid 10 times more for then this one and it feels just as solid! Nice work Ronin Katana on making a very functional longsword at a price anyone can afford.

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