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Three New European Swords From Ronin Katana

Ronin will have three new European swords for sale in late July.  Model #7 is below. Includes suspension belt, so it is Renaissance fair ready. Like all swords offered by Ronin Katana, this one will be sharp, and ready for cutting right out of the box. Ronin has over 100 katana for sale, and 9 European [...]

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Studying Katana in Japan - Learning the How Japanese made Samurai Swords Part 3

This post focuses on antique tsuba for sale in Japan. Japanese sword dealers offer fully mounted katana for sale, bare blades for sale, and tsuba, fuchi, and kashira sets. Silk and cotton are available as well, if you know where to look, but not at the antique sword dealers. Here's a look at some of [...]

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Studying Katana in Japan - Learning the How Japanese made Samurai Swords Part 2

More pictures of katana for sale from the Japanese trip. I've included some cheaper pictures of samurai swords for sale at a ninja shop in Osaka. Enjoy.All pictures copyright Ronin Katana 2015

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Studying Katana in Japan - Learning the How Japanese made Samurai Swords Part 1

Recently I spent a few weeks in Japan buying parts for Ronin's upcoming tamahagane line and studying bare blades and fully mounted katana in museums and with some of Japan's leading dealers, who often had 20-30 katana for sale and on display. While I did not buy any katana, my focus is on dotanuki, I did [...]

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What is a Dotanuki katana anyway?

I used to have a nice section on the main Ronin site about Dōtanuki blades, and when I designed the new website, I forgot to add it.So what is a Dōtanuki katana?Dōtanuki is a Japanese swordsmithing school developed in the Higo province of Kyūshū during the Kamakura period. The Japanese kanji for dōtanuki translates to, [...]

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Ronin Katana Zombie Slayer Prototype Sword

This short sword is an unproduced Ronin which is being given away in the Ronin Katana 1oth anniversary contest. Thick blade with apple seed geometry. I didn't like the balance on it personally, so it didn't go into production. Tough as nails through hardened 1075 steel. Ronin Katana is the world's largest samurai sword dealer, with over 100 [...]

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Ronin Katana Sword Parts Eight Fold Path Tsuba Giveaway

The Ronin Katana 10th anniversary prize giveaways continue. Ronin gave away a bunch or prizes last week, including an samurai sword from the entry level katana line. This week is kicking off with an eight fold path tsuba. Ronin has used this tsuba on and off for many years, and it was of course the [...]

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Ronin Katana Sword Parts Giveaway Habaki and Seppa set

This contest just started on the Ronin Facebook page for a Ronin Katana habaki, in the falling rain style, and two seppa. Contest ends on Friday the 19th.10th Anniversary Contest time! Have the ebay sword blues? Great blade, but ugly parts? Get upgraded by Ronin with this habaki and seppa set!

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10th Anniversary Contest Tsuba and Silk Sword Bag Giveaways!

It's contest time at Ronin Katana, and this week we are giving away a tsunami (3 comma) tsuba, and a silk sword bag. Visit the Ronin Katana facebook page to enter. As always, it's free to enter. We don't ask for emails, donations, purchase, or anything else.

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