The Ronin Elite 2015 Soshu Kitae Line has Stocked

Ronin has restocked the elite line with lots of new katana for sale. O-katana, kogarsu maru (little crow), and ko katana are among the 60+ new elites this year. Ronin has also added some Chinese jian and dao this year. Ronin Katana is the world's largest seller of complex laminated katana, including soshu kitae. Lamination lines are clearly visible on our katana. Don't be fooled by Chinese ebayer's looking to steal from you by selling folded steel as lamination. As always, the elites are one of a kind katana, and the pictures are of the exact katana for sale. These are in stock katana, and ready to ship out immediately. 

Here are a few pictures of soshu kitae lamination lines from the 2015 elite katana. If you don't see this on the blade, odds are high it's not laminated. 

Aug 1st 2015 Ronin Katana

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